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            J.W. Hornsby

My Story

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Feel like this? We can help.

My name is J.W. Hornsby, and I’m the creator of Sleep Better Soon.com, a website designed to help you simply sleep better.

So WHY am I writing about sleep? It must be my destiny, because I have been the reluctant recipient of multiple sleep disorders, specifically:

    ~ Narcolepsy without Cataplexy

    ~ Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

    ~ Snoring

These sleep problems drove me to relentlessly research for information and solutions by:

  • Consuming countless articles
  • Watching Webinars
  • Reading dozens of blogs
  • Viewing YouTube videos
  • Speaking with several sleep clinicians

The end result? I became an unexpected sleep expert!

Time to Give Back

With all of this sleep knowledge, I really want to help fellow sleep strugglers solve their problems. So that’s why I started a website where you can find HOPE and ANSWERS to your sleep issues.

So jump right in and read our articles, our blog posts, and leave your comments so others can benefit from your insights. That will help us build a Sleep Ninjas community where readers feel at home, and know they can find reliable information and trustworthy product reviews. But I can’t do it without you!

Our website address is: https://sleepbettersoon.com, and feel free to contact me at JW@SleepBetterSoon.com.

And may you Sleep Better Soon!

Better to Laugh than Cry

How to cure insomnia fast - Cartoon: wife taped husband's entire head and face, asking "Let's see if that stops your snoring."