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This is Sleep Better Soon.com – For HOPE and ANSWERS to Sleep Problems

photo of website founder J.W. Hornsby
J.W. Hornsby

My Story

This website has been created by J.W. Hornsby, who has been the reluctant recipient of multiple sleep disorders. His sleep maladies
include Narcolepsy without Cataplexy, Restless Legs Syndrome, and good old-fashioned Snoring. Over the years these have driven him
relentlessly research for solutions and knowledge, which paved the way for him becoming a Slumber Ninja

Time to Give Back

Now that he is a Slumber Ninja, he can’t sleep at night unless he helps fellow strugglers solve their sleep-related problems. The result?
A place where you can find HOPE and ANSWERS to your sleep issues.

Free Resource

Click here to get the free article titled, “A Slumber Ninja’s Secrets on How to Cure Insomnia Fast“, which is packed with
wisdom to help you Sleep Better Soon yourself!

Humor of the Day

Any of you ladies ever considered this approach?Wife has taped husband's entire head and face, asking "Let's see if that stops your snoring."








Our website address is: https://sleepbettersoon.com, and you can contact us at help@SleepBetterSoon.com.